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Guided Meditations

Mountains Meet Lake
Mountain Meditation

30 minute guided meditation led by John 

Tranquil forest
Awareness of Breath Meditation

20 minute guided meditation led by John 


30 minute guided meditation led by John 

Guided meditations are offered to individuals one on one, groups, businesses, or customize to fit your own interest.
Inquire here for details and scheduling.

Participant testimonials

Barbara B. 
MBSR Course Participant

John did a spectacular job.


Professional, very informative, and knew his stuff!

He was very engaging and inclusive of all his students.

I came into the course with an open mind.


I committed to the practice all the presented materials and I learned that I do not need to strive for answers, sometimes it is ok to acknowledge an issue, give it time, and then move forward.  


While this is such a simple answer, it has had such a major impact in my life.. 

Adrian M.
MBSR Course Participant

Communication and exchanges were done deliberately, with plenty of time taken to acknowledge comments, and provide thoughtful remarks in return.  


The pace never felt rushed, and somehow we always seemed to have just enough time.  It never felt like we were on a schedule or a clock, but instead moving deliberately through topics as a group.

What I loved most about MBSR is the non- striving aspect and the building of awareness. This was so liberating!


It was also so nice how John was able to create a safe place for people to feel they could share.  There was a lot of sharing and thoughtful introspection that this course allowed for. 

Patricia F.
MBSR Course Participant

John was very intentional, kind, and skillful at leading our diversified group.


He was an excellent listener and continued to move our group along our MBSR journey.

His thoughtful questions and readings were very helpful. He encouraged and helped us to integrate mindfulness into our daily lives and practices.

I wanted to express how much this class has positively impacted my life. I love to hear the class's perspectives and the ways they articulate their experiences as I really resonate with a lot that others share. This class has been such a new experience for me, that I'm still trying to find how to express all the ways I am being re-wired and changed

Steve F.
MBSR Course Participant

Initially enrolled in the course to continue the path of change in my reaction to stress and increase my happiness in everyday life.


The 8 week course did that and much more. John helped me gain awareness, new perspectives and a functional understanding of stress reduction and how my body and mind react. I was able to slow down and listen to myself and those around me. 

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in your MBSR class.


It is truly life changing and you do a wonderful job guiding the class. 

Kristen K. 
MBSR Course Participant

Andy S. 
MBSR Course Participant

Natalya E. 
MBSR Course Participant

Jordan B. 
MBSR Course Participant



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